Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season

Desert Hacks

Feb. 25-26, 2017 | Galvanize, Phoenix


about us

Desert Hacks was founded at Arizona State University with the goal of building a collaborative and innovative community without boundaries. This year, Desert Hacks will be welcoming students from around the country to participate in a weekend of learning new concepts, building new projects, meeting new people, and being a part of a new, exciting experience. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, a web developer or a hardware enthusiast, you have a place in the community here at Desert Hacks.

We will be inviting 350 undergraduate students to join us here in Phoenix, Arizona for the first iteration of our 24-hour hackathon on February 25-26, 2017. Join us for the chance to connect with mentors, attend hands-on workshops, work with cutting-edge technology, and have a great time!



Check-In Opens 9:00am

Opening Ceremony 11:00am

Hacking Begins! 12:00pm

Lunch 12:30pm

Intro to iOS - MobileDevs1:30pm

Hadoop Talk - Amazon2:30pm

Godaddy API Talk3:30pm

Intel Edison Workshop4:30pm

How to Make a Chatbot - Statefarm5:30pm


Intro to HTML/CSS 8:00pm

Tech Talk - Galvanize9:00pm

Your First Internship - Intern Supply10:00pm

Cup Stacking - MLH10:30pm

Games in the Desert - VGDC11:00pm


Late Night Snack12:30am

Pointless Hack Contest2:30am

Morning Yoga7:00am

Tech Talk - AllState8:00am


Hacking Ends! 12:00pm

Lunch 12:00pm

Project Presentations 1:00pm

Closing Ceremony 3:00pm

Goodbye! 4:30pm

frequently asked questions

Who can attend? +

If you're a college student and at least 18 years old, you're more than welcome to come participate!

What should I bring? +

Hackers will need to bring a valid student ID for admission, a government issued photo ID for borrowing hardware, and a Laptop or Desktop for hacking. Hackers are also more than welcome to bring sleeping bags, pillows, etc. Don't forget to consider toiletries and other basic amenities.

How do teams work? +

Teams will consist of a max of 4 members. If you're coming without teammates, don't worry. We'll be setting up an event prior to beginning of the hackathon for hackers to mingle and create teams!

How much is admission? +

Admission is free of charge! Attendees will also receive free food, drinks, and tons of swag!

What are the rules? +

As a Major League Hacking member event, we require all attendees to follow Major League Hacking’s Code of Conduct .

What if I'm a beginner? +

Every hacker needs to start somewhere! There will be workshops, tech talks, and mentors on board to help you dive into the world of hacking.

What about hardware hacks? +

MLH will be generously renting out cutting edge technology to the hackers. From Oculus Rifts to Arduinos, the sky is the limit. Intel will also be sponsoring their own hardware, including spider bots. If you have hardware or tools, you are more than welcome to bring them as well.

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